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History Of Sterling Silver Jewelry Charms

Charms are also known as amulets and pendants. They are as popular today as they have been throughout recorded history. Ancient Egyptians wore bracelets with charms or amulets. They were used to protect against bad luck and evil forces. They began with religious symbols and became a part of everyday dressing. Charms/jewelry were made of almost any material of value to people in their time. Many were made of precious metal. Others were made with gemstones inlaid in them or mounted with precious........ Read More

Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry Insider Secrets

Have you seen similar silver jewelry sold at price difference of two to three times from different retailers? Have you ever wondered how retailers mark up the jewelry after they get them from the venders? Here we will show you the wholesale trading secrets of sterling silver jewelry. Price per gram The most important piece of information for determining the price of a piece of sterling silver jewelry is the price per gram of the silver. This is the fundamental raw material cost of a p........ Read More

Sterling Silver Jewelry Basics

Sterling silver is gradually coming back to fashion, as many jewelry savvy shopper know, this affordable jewelry is making a comeback on the expense of the more traditional gold jewelry. If you are not familiar with sterling silver jewelry you should know that it has been around for a long time, the main problem is that sterling silver is not as robust as gold and does not survive time as well as gold. Sterling silver jewelry is for the “now” and it is certainly making its appearance well n........ Read More

Sterling Silver Jewelry – Mystique & Intrigue

Sterling Silver Jewelry has always been popular precious metal in ancient legends and throughout history in every country. While silver is used in lots of products, it’s use as money and sterling silver jewelry are the source of its mystique and intrigue. There are many movie plots based on stealing sterling silver jewelry and seeking lost sterling silver jewelry items with magical qualities. If you love sterling silver jewelry, you probably feel the same way each time you put on your sterlin........ Read More

How To Understand Sterling Silver British Hallmarks

The British hallmarking standard on silver is very high, just from looking at the hallmark you can decipher what date the item was made, who the maker was and in which town it was hallmarked. This enables us to date pieces going right back to the 16th century.You can find more information on hallmarking at the Annabel Chaffer website.

  1. Manufacturers mark (example)
  2. Fineness (parts/thousand)
  3. Assay Office Mark (London)
  4. Date Mark (1999)
  5. Pictorial Symbol........ Read More

    Italian Designer Sterling Silver Jewelry

    Jewelry, is the art of ornamental adornment of the body and nowhere on earth can you find more dedication to the heart and soul of the jewelry design than in Italy. While many countries produce jewelry, few can compare to the rich history of Italy and the passion that Italian people have for beautiful design. In times past, jewelry was used to represent a person’s rank in society, community affiliation or as a sign of the person’s religious choice. This tradition began thousands of years ago........ Read More

    Sterling Silver Jewelry -- Classic Simplicity

    Sterling silver jewelry is synonymous with class and style in the world of fashion. Its versatility and flexibility make it a welcome and useful addition to any person’s wardrobe. Sterling silver jewelry epitomizes classic simplicity in itself, but as the setting for gemstones or combined with other precious metals, the aesthetic value it lends to the wearer is inestimable. Pure silver by itself is too soft and would not be practical for jewelry and other ornamental objects. Sterling silver i........ Read More

    Sterling Silver And Allergies

    Sterling Silver and Allergies The truth is people are not usually allergic to silver or sterling silver. Rather a metal known as nickel, which has been used in sterling silver. Sterling silver is an alloy consisting of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals, traditionally copper, and sometimes some manufacturers will use nickel in sterling silver as a less expensive alternative to other metals. Why Sterling Silver? Pure silver is too soft to produce any functional pieces and loses shape too........ Read More

    Six Common Questions About Sterling Silver Jewelry

    Sterling silver jewelry has been a popular commodity for thousands of years. One of the obvious reasons is the affordability over other precious metals gold and platinum. The large variety of sterling silver jewelry requires certain knowledge in order to choose the right piece and also keep it in good condition as long as possible. The followings are the most common questions concerning sterling silver jewelry. How do I clean sterling silver jewelry? It depends. Usually, it is suffi........ Read More

    Sterling Silver Bracelets Shoppers Guide

    Sterling Silver jewelries have been a staple in the lives of many people since humans exposed the flexibility of silver and its several uses. Silver has been used for efficient and artistic purposes. Silver is produced in various different areas, though the maximum concentrations of silver yield come from Mexico and Peru. Sterling is a fusion of fine silver and other metal alloys. The purity of sterling silver is measured to be 92. %. 7 % of copper is mixed to make the jewelry for strong and l........ Read More


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